Resolution process

Our resolution process is designed to encourage the fast and efficient resolution of your issue at the first point of contact. You can expect our Front Line Reception Staff to do all in their power to resolve an issue in the first instance.

If at any point you feel you have a problem during interaction with us, which you feel is not being resolved, please ask the staff member to clearly explain your options before proceeding.

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Step 1 - First Contact - ECU Sports Front Reception

  • Empowered to resolve first level issues quickly and make fair and reasonable customer service decisions

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Step 2 -
Escalation to a Supervisor - Membership or Senior Gym Supervisor

  • Department Supervisor or alternative if not available
  • You will always be given a name before the issue is escalated
  • A call back at the time of your choosing if required
  • Overall accountability for the outcome of your complaint 

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Step 3 -
Independent Review - Centre Supervisor

  • Responsible for process improvement and analysis of root cause information
  • Fresh set of eyes and a 'neutral view' of your complaint
  • After reviewing your case, the Centre Supervisor will offer what ECU Sports considers to be a fair and reasonable resolution. If you remain unsatisfied the Centre Supervisor will be able to offer further avenues, including access to Senior Management, as a last resort

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Step 4 -
What's Next? - ECU Sports Centre Manager

  • If you remain unsatisfied with the decision of the Centre Supervisor,  ECU Sports will offer further avenues including access to Senior Management and/or a neutral third party
  • This means we investigate complaints on the facts provided by both sides and reach a resolution based on the law, industry codes of practice and what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances

The business unit supervisor will utilise the ECU Sports rules and conditions as a basis for their evaluation.